Privacy Policy

1. As a New Zealand government department, the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) is subject to the Privacy Act 1993. This page outlines the type and extent of information that MfE may gather when you interact with this website and for what use the information may be used.

2. Browsing this website

2.1. MfE does not record any personal information when you browse this website. Any information that is recorded automatically is not used to personally identify specific individuals.

2.2. If you visit this website or download documents from it, MfE automatically records some non-personal information for statistical purposes, such as:

2.2.1. browser types

2.2.2. internet providers

2.2.3. screen resolutions

2.2.4. traffic on individual web pages

2.2.5. search terms entered

2.2.6. geographic location

2.3. This information may be used by MfE, Land Information New Zealand and Koordinates Ltd to monitor and improve Ministry for the Environment Data Service performance.

3. Use of cookies

3.1. Ministry for the Environment Data Service requires cookies in order to run properly.

3.2. The cookies that this website uses are called session cookies. These session cookies are stored in temporary memory only and are deleted when the web browser is closed. Session cookies do not retrieve personal information from the application user’s computer and they do not allow for that user to be personally identified.

3.3. Disabling cookies on your web browser will mean that the applications that require them may not work properly.

4. Email updates from Ministry for the Environment Data Service

4.1. Ministry for the Environment Data Service delivers email updates via third parties:

4.1.1. (

4.1.2. Land Information New Zealand (

4.2. If you have received an MfE branded email from these parties you can trust that the email was sent on MfE's behalf. If you would like to stop receiving emails via this service, you can unsubscribe through the link provided in the email. Alternatively you can contact MfE.

5. Communications with MfE

5.1. When users communicate with MfE, including email or through online forms on this website, MfE reserves the right to:

5.1.1. use the information for the purpose it was supplied;

5.1.2. use the information to update MfE’s databases; and

5.1.3. share the information with other government agencies that are entitled to the information under legislation.

6. Security of collected information

6.1. No personal information held by MfE will be disclosed to other visitors to this website.

6.2. In some circumstances, MfE may be required under legislation to share information with other government agencies.

6.3. Where information is collected or held using third party applications (eg. surveys and questionnaires), the third party terms and conditions will be made available via this website.

6.4. MfE will not disclose any personal information collected by MfE or by any other third party on MfE’s behalf to any non-MfE person or organisation unless required to do so by law, or without your consent.

7. Questions regarding privacy

7.1. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the privacy information provided here, please contact:

Legal Services
Ministry for the Environment
23 Kate Sheppard Place
PO Box 10362
Wellington 6143