Updated suspended sediment yield estimator and estuarine trap efficiency model results 2019


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14 Aug 2019

This dataset was first added to MfE Data Service on 14 Aug 2019.

This dataset includes three “packages” of information, each with multiple variables. The packages include:

  1. Load – results on mean annual suspended sediment load reported by REC 2 river reach scale for various model scenario variations.
  2. Lakes – results on sediment inflow, outflow, and entrapment in lakes and reservoirs
  3. Coastal – results on sediment inflows, trap efficiency, and sedimentation rates in coastal hydrosystems (estuaries)

For further detail on the modelling methods and discussing results, see Hicks, M., Semademi-Davies, A., Haddadchi, A., Shankar, U., Plew, D. (2019) Updated sediment load estimator for New Zealand. NIWA Client Report No. 2018341CH, prepared for Ministry for the Environment. January 2019. Available online: environment.govt.nz/publications/updated-sediment-...

Note that some portions of this dataset refine and update 2011 modelling on suspended sediment loads across New Zealand, whereas other components, especially the coastal package, report new modelling results.

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