Depth to hydrogeological basement map, 2019


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27 Jan 2020

This dataset was first added to MfE Data Service on 27 Jan 2020.

This data set provides an update of New Zealand’s depth to hydrogeological basement map. Depth to hydrogeological basement can be loosely defined as the ‘base of aquifers’; or more strictly as ‘the depth to where primary porosity and permeability of geological material is low enough such that flued volumes and flow rates can be considered negligible’. For more detail on the process and methods, see Westerhoff et al. (2019). New Zealand groundwater atlas: depth to hydrogeological basement. Lower Hutt (NZ): GNS Science. 19 p. Consultancy Report 2019/140.

A national model was used to estimate depth to hydrogeological basement. Hydrogeological basement refers to geological material with primary porosity and permeability that is low enough such that fluid volumes and flow rates can be considered negligible.

Layer ID 104446
Data type Grid
Resolution 250.000m
Services Raster Query API, Catalog Service (CS-W)