Option 3 for reducing nitrogen loss


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20 Sep 2019

This dataset was first added to MfE Data Service on 20 Sep 2019.

This dataset shows land that would be covered by the option 3 of section 8.4 Immediate action to reduce nitrogen loss.

This dataset has been developed by the Ministry for the Environment to support policy proposals in the Action for Healthy Waterways discussion document.  These proposals are currently being consulted on.

The map provides extra detail on Option 3 in section 8.4: Immediate action to reduce nitrogen loss, of the discussion document.  The map indicates the high-nitrate catchments and sub-catchments that could be included under Option 3. These catchments have the highest 10% of nitrate levels in the MfE Environmental Reporting River Water Quality dataset which can be found here.  The catchments are further restricted to regions that do not have rules already in place or proposed. Catchments where the predominant sources of nitrate are not pastoral or horticultural in origin have been excluded.

Under this option, farmers in these catchments would have to show, in the freshwater module in their farm plan, how they will rapidly reduce nutrient leaching. Progress against the plan would be monitored by independent auditors and the regional council could take enforcement action if required.

This is only one of the options being consulted on. The areas indicated are provisional and may not equate to areas included in a regulation.

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