Hydrological modelling to support proposed sediment attribute impact testing 2020


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03 Jun 2020

This dataset was last updated on MfE Data Service on 03 Jun 2020.

This dataset reports modelled mean annual suspended sediment load reduction required to meet suspended sediment attribute bottom lines in the NPS-FM 2020. Results are reported for the REC 2 river reach scale as well as at the “catchment pourpoint average” scale. The dataset includes masks for the DoC estate as well as glacial mountain source of flow.

During policy development, the Ministry for the Environment tested suspended sediment load reductions required to meet various potential attribute bottom lines. The information from February 2020 reflects the bottom lines in the NPS-FM 2020. For further information on this specific dataset, see “Hicks and Shankar 2020. Contract 23184 Task: Sediment load reductions to meet visual clarity bottom lines”. This report is available on the Ministry for the Environment’s publications website where it is listed as Technical Report 6.

For further information on the modelling, see Hicks et al. (2019) Sediment load reductions to meet suspended and deposited sediment thresholds. NIWA Client Report No. 2019100CH. Prepared for the Ministry for the Environment. This report is available here: www.mfe.govt.nz/publications/fresh-water/sediment-....

Note that the river segment and pour point catchment results provided in the 2019 dataset form the basis for the erosion and economic modelling assessment of proposed sediment attributes as reported in Neverman et al. (2019). Impact testing of a proposed suspended sediment attribute: identifying erosion and sediment control mitigations to meet proposed sediment attribute bottom lines and the costs and benefits of those mitigations. Maanaki Whenua Landcare Research Client Report. Prepared for the Ministry for the Environment.

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