Water quality for swimming: Scenario 1


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10 Oct 2018

This dataset was first added to MfE Data Service on 10 Oct 2018.

This dataset relates to the March 2018 report National E. coli modelling - Supplementary material to support setting draft regional targets for swimmable rivers.

Scenario 1 represents the level of stock exclusion and riparian planting for the nominal year 2030
when the CWP rules have been implemented assuming that the effects of the measures have been realised and water quality has attained a new attribute state. Scenario 1 also includes the impact of regional committed work (that is, work already committed to by councils in their policy plans, or planned infrastructure investment) in regions that have committed to mitigation beyond the CWP.

The geometries are based off REC1, and the field 'Swimability_band' defines the modelled E. coli attribute state NPS-FM human health for recreation value. The rest of the fields come from the River Environment Classification.

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