NZ Freshwater Nutrient and Biomass Measurements for Periphyton 2012 - 2020


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25 May 2022

This dataset was first added to MfE Data Service on 25 May 2022.

NZ regional council freshwater nutrient and biomass measurements 2012-2020.

Used to derive nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations and exceedance criteria for managing periphyton in fresh water.

Creative Commons 4.0 International by Ministry for the Environment and Statistics New Zealand


  • Site (the number of the data point itself)
  • RC (Regional Council that collected the measurement)
  • RCSiteID (the identifier used by that specific council)
  • SiteName (the Site where the measurement was collected)
  • DateChla (date the chlorophyll-a measurement was collected)
  • Year (Year of collection)
  • Month (Month of collection)
  • Chla ( mg chlorophyll-a per square meter)
  • NOxppb (Nitrous oxide parts per billion)
  • NH4ppb (Ammonia parts per billion)
  • DRPppb (Dissolved Reactive Phosphorus parts per billion)
  • TNppb (Total Nitrogen parts per billion)
  • TPppb (Total Phosphorus parts per billion)
  • DINppb (Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen parts per billion)
  • EC (Electrical Conductivity)
  • pH (acidity/basicness of the water at the sample location)
  • Temp (water temperature in degrees Celsius at time of measurement)
  • Turbidity (turbidity of the water at time of measurement)
  • Clarity_m (water clarity, in metres, at the time of measurement)

N/A values in the data set refer to an absence of measurement for that specific variable.


Snelder T, Kilroy C, Booker D (2021) Derivation of Nutrient Criteria for Periphyton Biomass Objectives. Using regional council monitoring data. LWP and NIWA Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand

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