Lake Water Quality for Swimming Categories [Raw Model Output]


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27 Jun 2018

This dataset was first added to MfE Data Service on 27 Jun 2018.

Water quality for swimming categories for lakes with perimeters over 1.5 km. This dataset was used to compose the current state for water quality for swimming.

Note this data is under review and will be updated in due course. This information is based on modelled and measured data using the approach outlined at

The modelling methods used are outlined in Snelder et al. (2016) Strategic assessment of New Zealand’s freshwaters for recreational use: a human health perspective. LWP Client Report 2016-011


This dataset is the geometric version of this:

This dataset has now been superseded due to consultation with local authorities, and this is the latest version:

Column headings:


Name: Name of lake (where available

RC: Regional council name

CHLA: Chlorophyll a (mg/L)

SECCHI: Secchi disc depth (m)

TLI3: Trophic Level Index (unitless)

TN: Total nitrogen (mg/m3)

TP: Total phosphorus (mg/m3)

CyanBVl: Cyanobacterial biovolume (mm3/L)

Cy_cat: Water quality for swimming category see

Note: blank cells are reaches where a prediction was not possible because of missing predictor variables.

Layer ID 95561
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 3801
Services Vector Query API, Web Feature Service (WFS), Catalog Service (CS-W)