Update of National Groundwater Quality Indicators: State and Trends December 2004-2013


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19 Oct 2015

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Raw data, and state and trend calculations for key groundwater quality indicators, including nitrate-nitrogen, ammoniacal-nitrogen, dissolved reactive phosphorus, dissolved iron, dissolved manganese, total dissolved solids content, and electrical conductivity.

Statistics reported on include:
- median and median absolute deviation
- percentiles
- trend magnitudes
- statistical test p-values (from the Mann-Kendall trend test, Kruskal-Wallis test for seasonality, and sign-tests and Wilcoxon rank-sum tests for distribution differences).

The following report and spreadsheets relate to the "Ground water quality" measures on the Environmental Indicators, Te taiao Aotearoa website:
- Moreau M, Daughney C, 2015. Update of National Groundwater Quality Indicators: State and Trends December 2004-2013, GNS Science Consultancy Report 2015/16. 38 p.
- Spreadsheet2_NGMP_results
- Spreadsheet1_NGMP_metadata
- raw_data_for trends_NGMP.


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